Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Stuff Never Talked About

Scientist and philosopher David Bohm (On Dialogue) points out, “Communication is breaking down everywhere, on an unparalleled scale …Different groups … are not actually able to listen to each other … the consequent sense of frustration inclines people ever further toward aggression and violence, rather than toward mutual understanding and trust”.

If not dealt with in organizations and left 'underground; then lack of understanding, failure to express feelings, discontent and resentment festers, and opposite views take root all the more firmly.
When these 'taboos' are talked about in a safe and professionally facilitated way people engage, gain understanding and insight, feel trusted and important.
Allowing employees to participate in the conversational methodology taught in the workshop affords organizations the chance to introduce positive conversation into their culture.

Participants will be exposed to the steps, materials, tools and techniques required to give effect to the process developed and tested by the presenter, and gain skill at sharing their stories, at listening to others, and using anecdote circle methodology to capture both information and feelings. Prior to the workshop they will be required to respond to a survey so that at the event they can experience the facilitation process first hand.

Where it has been used there is a new sense of pride, diversity is seen more positively. Outcomes are owned. Subsequent performance is raised, results accrue. The culture evolves.

This one day workshop is being held on Monday, October 2 in Santa Fe, New Mexico the day before the retreat on WISDOM FOR MODERN WORKPLACES ( The fee for this workshop is $195.

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