Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6 new articles by 3 authors

Newly posted to the and available to members are the following articles:
LANGUAGE, TRUTH AND LOGIC by Ralph Windle, known as the poet laureate of the boardroom (a phrase coined by the Financial Times, UK), and author of several books including the best selling The Poetry of Business Life
THE THERAPEUTIC VALUE OF SILENCE and COPING WITH THE LOSS OF A LOVED ONE, both by Peter Fox, Grief and Loss Counselor and Spiritual Director of St Lukes Hospice in Cape Town
A WHALE OF A STORY on the analogies between hiking and life, and MINDFULNESS, MINDSET, MEANING AND 'MAGINATION outlining the progression integral to successful business transformation, both by Graham Williams with Dorian Haarhoff
THE HERO'S JOURNEY explained, with reference to the hero at work, By Dorian with Graham

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A great new book on stories......

I've had the honour of reading a pre-publication copy of Andrew Bradbury's Story Telling in Mind.
It's destined to become prescribed reading at universities, businesses and other institutions serious about their story telling and listening endeavours.
Full of relevant stories, this book contains comprehensive information covering the what, why, how, when, who and where of stories, Coaches, teachers, therapists, story tellers will love it.
Watch out for it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Views on Otto Scharmer's Theory U

Theory U calls upon the business world with almost evangelical fervour to save the world from poverty, illiteracy, decaying social sructures, environmental catastophe and ill-health - via a sometimes mystical process. The theory invokes the forces of mindful creation to overcome the forces of destruction embedded in current systems. times of austerity, when personal and organisational survival and self-interest are under pressure, perhaps even become all-consuming, do morals take a back seat? Is Theory U going to be adopted by enough businesses to make a real and lasting difference?

What do you think?