Friday, December 20, 2013

Book Review: Business Storytelling for Dummies

Karen Dietz and Lori Silverman have been steeped in business narrative since long before the current rush to story and bandwagoning that has been taking place. What they share is an essential resource that is informed and practical. Their aim is to help people both craft better business stories, and know how to apply them in business and organizational life. The book’s opening line promise is “We guarantee if you choose to read this book, your work life will change for the better”.


Karen and Lori deliver by adding to their easy-to-read script, many pragmatic annotations in the form of tips, warnings, key points to internalise, real life illustrations and examples and numerous web and other links. Business Storytelling for Dummies is in 6 parts:


·       Getting Started with Business Storytelling graphic

·       Moving People to Action: Creating Compelling Stories

·       Sharing Stories for Maximum Value

·       Tailoring Storytelling to Special Circumstances

·       The Part of Tens (tips, no-no’s, measures)

·       Appendix: Real-Life Stories and a Template


As a Christmas gift to yourself and anyone you know in the business world, this is it!"

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