Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Four Questions Every CEO Should Be Asking About Their Organisations' Values

  •  Do our espoused values distinguish us as different to, and better than our competitors?
  • Are our values the glue that holds the organisation together, moves us forward?
  • Do our values serve as a platform for our people to form habits, develop character virtues?
  • Does the outside world – customers, stakeholders, suppliers – see an attractive, engaging, consistent display of our values that acts as a magnet that draws them closer to us? 
The authentic application of the right values can be lived now. Attractiveness to employees and customers,  the levels of staff engagement and energy in and at work, and the quality of  the   interactions within and outside your organisation; can happen now.

powerful and  proven “values to virtues” process that will change the lives of your  people, and the life of your organisation, may be found in the Member's Archive of Articles in http://www.haloandnoose.com 

It follows this logic:

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