Saturday, May 28, 2011

Motive for story telling in business?

I'm contemplating writing an article on WHY stories should be used in business. It seems that all too often the MOTIVE is as propaganda or in order to 'win' something by manipulating - for example to convince, persuade, gain sympathy, motivate towards a pre-determined goal, impress........ Maybe this is sometimes valid but not as the primary role of story? Too seldom, it seems, is story used to connect, share, convey information, knowledge, insight? What do you think?

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  1. Graham. Did I ever tell you the main reason why I wanted to publish The Halo and the Noose? I do not think I did. The reason is; I appreciated the soft and gentle approach to motivating staff, as opposed to the carrot and stick. Story telling brings heart to the process, whereas incentive or fear is insidious to most. The Halo and the Noose fortifies emotional strength and confidence and as a publisher of inspiration, The Halo fitted perfectly.