Monday, August 30, 2010

How will story telling help me in the workplace?

If you...
  • want to develop your mindfulness and imagination;
  • want to be more charismatic and influential;
  • want to enrich and enliven your conversations;
  • want to be highly valued by your colleagues and friends;
  • desire to tap into the minds of others at a deep level;
  • need your ideas and offers accepted, speak with authority, impart
    unforgettable messages;
  • are a trainer needing to deliver insights effortlessly;
  • want to really listen to what your clients really want from you,
    and impress with your responses;
  • want to succeed and get the right results when faced with crucial
  • transcend limiting beliefs;

    …then become a member of The Halo & the Noose movement now!
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