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Bluebeard Lives Again

Bluebeard illustration by Edmund Dulac


Narcissism and its effects are on the rise - a clear and present danger

Here is another angle on the decline of humanity:

Everyone knows the story of Narcissus at the pond, who when cursed by Nemesis, falls completely in love with his own image (without knowing it is his own image). And so, he loses the ability to love anyone else. 

This ability to love, be compassionate, empathise, is killed off in extreme narcissists. Automatically accompanying this is loss of any moral compass. It becomes all about ‘me’ and never about ‘we’ no matter how well and how often they pretend at and project learned behaviours. Theirs and the true self of those close to them is diminished, destroyed and consumed. (Jarrett, C. 2019) 

Narcissistic traits have become embedded in modern culture on a large scale. Overcoming narcissism is a psychological and spiritual imperative for our times. It is a terminal situation and must be overcome. The true self is the most endangered of all species. Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés has asserted that "Never has the true self been as endangered as it is now in human beings" , while pointing out the far-reaching effects of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) in our current culture. 

Her rendition of the lesser-known Bluebeard story (Estés, C.P. 1992) offers a pathway to freedom and how to rise above oppression:

Bluebeard the archetype of evil and of malignant narcissism, is part of a self-appointed “elite”, has power and wealth (a castle in the forest) - lures, enchants and seduces others (a gullible group of sisters and their mother) with promises/ falsehoods, downright blatant lies (They see someone who will look after their interests,  take care of them, give them the means to protect themselves and be safe. They believe what they are fed). Bluebeard has killed others and would kill anyone who looked into a forbidden room in his dark castle, and see/ discern his secret (One of murderous intent, a self-serving, sick, dictatorial, destructive, suffocating, hateful and devious nature, one who practices menticide, and has a driving need to be in control, worshipped) and thus discover his lack of true self. And you can’t un-see what you have seen. 

They group together, pray, call to their brothers/ warriors, are rescued. Bluebeard is killed and his blood waters the roses (When narcissism is killed, something beautiful emerges in its wake). They recover their true selves. New life happens.


Narcissus plant, part of the daffodil family


Understanding the 'enemy' (known and unseen and unknown) in the current situation, the means they use and the damage they do, and winning the spiritual battle

The key to winning the present spiritual battle is to question, seek the truth, become aware, pray, inform others, call on the help of others and on the warrior part of self, act in whatever ways you can (compassionately and wisely), protest, dissent, find a safe place/ space/ base, defend, resist, regroup, move forward.

Narcissists proclaim and portray false empathy and can convey charisma and promise but are figuratively vampires and prey on and suck the blood out of others. They cannot be mediated – they are serial killers (in current times on a huge, unprecedented scale). We must acknowledge that we are prey to narcissists. At the national level, group level and individual level. (Class, gender, religion, and racial take - downs. From spousal abuse to genocide)  

So, at every level we must recover our true selves and humanity by removing the nooses they have used on us and put on liberating haloes. Recognise that there are some extreme situations where opposing forces cannot be bridged.

“People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money … abusive …  Without love … without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good … Have nothing to do with them” (2 Timothy 3; 1-5)

Only towards the end of 1991 did free elections take place in Poland following their communist era. I did some consulting work there over a year or two in the later 1990s, and was aghast at the extent to which communistic rule had introduced amongst the populace a meek obedience to authority, many fears, and resulted in lost abilities to think independently and make decisions. I am not sure how quickly these capacities can be regained once diminished. I visited the Berlin wall before it fell and communist East Berlin became incorporated. The difference between the two Berlins was mind-boggling.

The seriousness of what awaits non-ANC, non-EFF, non-Marxist-oriented South Africans is not understood by most. And (as a non-racist statement of fact) the tiny, white, dwindling 5% minority has been the subject of ongoing discrimination (supported by legislation) and vitriolic hate-speech by these groups. The danger that this minority is endangered should not be underestimated.   There are two huge threats, possibly interlinked. 


An Academy of Ideas explanation of the menticide process that brings totalitarianism into being should be widely viewed. How many times have we said “Never again”? Yet totalitarianism continues to happen, this time on a world-wide scale. In looking at the recent history of what we have been living through, we see:

An ugly new style of leadership is fast emerging – narcissistic, deceptive and domineering. Under the guise of being there for the people, these leaders have fed their own self-interest and megalomania. A domineering authority: obedient subject/ wounded parent: wounded child relationship has been ushered in. (A narcissistic symbiosis). At some point participative democracy was replaced by dictatorship. 

A psychic epidemic where delusions are induced deeply and widely, a mass psychosis, has happened with the advent of “covid-19”. Carl Jung warned against such psychosis. Fear mongering has been the huge psychogenic trigger to bring about collective trauma and the  diminishment of individuals; and provided pathological power for the self-chosen “elite”. In a very real sense, for both power holder and the enslaved, our intellectual, emotional, social, ethical/ moral and spiritual maturities have all taken a severe beating and been relegated to history.  Watch:    (Academy of Ideas. 2021)


The Covid-19 Campaign

Dedicated to healing, Dr Susan Vosloo (South Africa’s first female heart surgeon who did her first transplant at age 33) was wonderfully clear and straightforward when asked about the gene-therapy ‘vaccine’, adopting the belief that: ”The vaccine was not brought in because of covid but covid was brought in for the vaccine” and providing perspective on the grand-scale deception being carried out, and also on the lack of proper, unbiased medical science to support what is being perpetrated.

And, of course, she has since been vilified by the media and medical puppets. Here is what she said about gene-therapy disguised as vaccinations:   (Bitchute. 2021)

Everything else about the covid campaign also raises huge questions that the authorities (supported by big pharma, the WHO and others) refuse to answer - for those who wish to make independent, informed decisions (including the way testing is carried out, the way statistics are calculated, presented, reported and predictions made, the experimental nature of the vaccines, their ingredients and their potential ‘side effects’, how effective they are; the suppression of proven treatments other than vaccinations, and so on and so on … Professor of Medicine Peter McCullough is another who is silenced by the ‘authorities’. (McCullough. 2021)  See:   In similar vein, the upholding of crucial theological, medical ethical and legal tenets seems to have been violated to an alarming extent. See Anna De Buisseret's  informative and lucid explanations here:  

There is mounting evidence to show that contrary views and findings are suppressed. Many don’t speak out for fear of being labelled conspiracy theorists, ridiculed and punished. And increasingly those who have been vaxxed are demanding that all others get vaxxed as well. 

How the covid-19 pandemic has been handled by those who exhibit no concern for the citizenry is the epitomy of narcissistic behaviour (by governments, big tech, big pharma and other administering stakeholders) and has reeked of totalitarianism. How many lies? How much physical, psychological, social and spiritual damage?


So what now?

To repeat the lessons from Bluebeard, the key to winning this spiritual battle, is to question bravely, seek and discern the truth, become aware, pray, spread the truth as effectively and responsibly as possible, call on the help of and associate with like-minded others and on the warrior part of self, and act by dissenting, protesting, and not wavering when persecuted. (In this respect small-group circles have merit for what they offer in terms of participatory thinking and support)

While remaining compassionate, dissociate from and avoid those who exhibit the characteristics and behaviours outlined above in order to achieve their goals.. 

The bluebeards in our midst must not be allowed to rob us of our freedoms, values, ethics, morality. Our very humanity. 



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McCullough, Peter (2021) Sky News interview 


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Fall of Humanity


I like you am fearfully and wonderfully made (Brand, P and Yancey, P. 1981), literally awesome and unique. We were made to laugh and cry and sing. Born to hug and dance and touch. Destined to be free and to love being in close community with others. Interconnected. And blessed with a natural immunity to disease that has evolved and strengthened over millions of years. We have a built-in capacity to wrestle with issues, discern truth, and make sense of things – to see what we see.
A prophecy come true?
We should look for truth and wisdom in a myriad of sources - people, disciplines, information channels. Science and the arts. As widely as possible (Narrow-view peer reviews toe the party line and often distort and compromise the truth). Adopt left and right brain wisdom.
This pearl is from the New Testament, a mentoring letter written by Paul while in jail in Rome to Timothy in Ephesus (Turkey). It is in four sections that cover looking after what you believe in, suffering hardship for that if necessary, staying true to what you believe in and being inclusive – sharing with others. Staying true was the bit that captured my attention.
Paul’s prophesied context is that people will become “lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive… without love, unforgiving, slanderous, brutal… treacherous, rash, conceited …” (2 Tim 3: 2 – 4)  
All of what was predicted can be verified by recent sound, valid and reliable research and reasoning and captured in previous newsletters. In summary, the following trends and conditions have been exposed:
  • Narcissism, boastfulness, being better than, arrogance are all on the rise (Jarrett, C. 2019)
  • Love of wealth, power and control of others prevails (from big corporate to individual levels)
  • Compassion, empathy, gratefulness and forgiveness are all on the decline (Williams, G. 2020)
  • Divisiveness and polarisation is spreading rampantly
  • Deceit, treacherous manipulation by fear and falsehoods, divide and rule, and the coercive employment of propaganda characterises government's imposition of Draconian societal controls (Robinson, P. Dr 2021) - especially now under the guise of a covid-19 “pandemic”.
Humanity has been slowly drifting into World where “winners” take all; capitalism is often irresponsible; the power - holders and wealthy “elites” exhibit a MacBeth-type, falling-over-itself, “vaulting ambition”; fake news, lies and deception are the order of the day; faith is placed exclusively in the rational, scientific, the military and the technological - for the determination of humanity’s sense-making, direction and values. The puppet masters are busy engineering and bringing into being a new world that remodels who we are, how we live and relate to each other, and become pawns in the hands of the wealthy elite and political power-holders. A dramatically different new model is urgently needed. (Williams, G et al. 2021)
(20 years ago, Peter Senge pointed out the dangers of a “shifting the burden” dynamic becoming imbedded in our culture. Instead of addressing human development as whole persons we have increased our reliance on science and technology for solutions to symptomatic problems, all the while suppressing our poetic, artistic, nature-inspired and spiritual natures and other human qualities and capacities.  A trap we have fallen into. (Senge, P. et al. 2004) This had led to widespread individual and collective trauma and to the very real danger of “augmented” humanism. A new narrative is now an absolute imperative).
A road to recovery?
We have lost a great deal of our social conscience, sense of justice, ‘old’ community values, care for the planet, a sense of meaning based on higher purpose, our very humanity. In our efforts to recapture this we could heed Paul’s charge to Timothy to live a life of good conduct characterised by the virtues of “purpose, faith, patience, love, endurance…”. For me, a part of his exhortation at the individual level is to shift away from the small p’s (increasingly driven by our addiction to information and communication technologies and algorithmic manipulation and peer pressure arising from that addiction) - to the BIG P’s as humanitarian drivers of our individual character, values and behaviours, and our interconnectedness and belonging:

Regarding this values-shift, a good start-point may be to contemplate, in order to discern:
  • where and how we have gone wrong personally
  • what keeps us locked into values, habits and behaviours that become harmful if not balanced (the small p’s) by the higher values and virtues (the Big P’s), 
  • what makes us susceptible to authoritarian (even totalitarian) and societal pressures and conditioning (Luke Andreski’s clear analyses , moral compass and unique expression have been of great value. (Andreski, L. 2021)),   
  • how to regain and reinforce our interconnectedness and togetherness and escape what the puppet masters would have: separation, division, distancing and isolation for their control purposes. What Brand and Yancey say about moral and ethical laws, using the analogy of the human body, applies also to our need for interconnectivity and community as we share the web of life.  “If you examine one law, like a random bone plucked from a pile, it may seem strangely shaped and illogical because laws, like bones, are designed for the complex, connected needs of a whole body”. (Brand, P and Yancey, P. 1984) We need each other in order to be fully human. Remember this?!:
  • what concerns us most of the time and where our perspectives, world views and resultant behaviours have become swamped and skewed
Here is a depiction of where a lot of us might be in our thinking patterns at the present time:

I believe that a refocus:
  • on humanity’s awesome potential, freedom and equality
  • on what could be put right again, 
  • and on an unselfish giving to and compassionate sharing with our wider family (community and society), the home which we inhabit (the environment, nature, the planet) and how we subsist by contributing and earning, bartering, giving (the economy)
could surely lead to humanity recovering and rising once more (as Buddhism explains) like a bird using two wings to fly – the wings of Wisdom and Compassion? 
And then we will sing and hug and trust and cry, commune and be human, be who we are.
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Williams, Graham (2020) Are We Becoming Less Compassionate, Less Fully Human? How Might We Return To What We May Be

We like sheep...

 (Weller, K. 2007)



To misquote the Bible, “We, all like sheep, have been led astray …” 

That’s what authoritarian, fascist, technocratic, dictatorial, totalitarian regimes do to the people. Working from a basis of arrogance, a belief in their own superiority because of position, power or wealth, these self-appointed ‘elite’ antagonists believe that they have the right to dominate and control the rest of us. Lead us astray, like sheep.

This is not conspiracy thinking. It is plain to see that a new, evil, military-like oppression of people and suppression of information has been imposed around the World. Why have we had a lockdown, curfews and compliance regulations in South Africa that go on and on and on. Some of our 'unalienable' individual rights that have been threatened impacted, abused, or withdrawn partially or fully during this ongoing lockdown period, include rights to work, life, equality of relief and policing, dignity, absence of discrimination  including on the grounds of age), freedom of movement and travel, freedom from degrading treatment, freedom of thought, expression, criticism, protest and association, unhampered freedom of worship, of privacy including protection against search and seizure of home, person, and correspondence, ownership of property with the State legislating its 'custodianship' of all property and expropriation without compensation, the right to information held by the government, to being able to make properly informed choices, to unimpeded education, to self-defense … Participative democracy is long gone.

I never thought I’d witness the army in Sydney, Australia patrolling the streets to enforce “precautions” such as social distancing, the wearing of masks, and adherence to curfew rules. And similar crackdowns and forced compliance around the World.

I never thought I would ever see a world in which leaders of nearly all countries, and those behind the scenes, furiously pushing experimental big-pharma vaccinations, having mobilised their media lackeys, and aided in some instances by big business - like a prominent private sector financial/ health organisation in South Africa that has stepped in to promote and administer experimental vaccinations - in order to achieve a numerical target that they wrongly term “herd immunity”. 

I never thought I would ever see fearful people so subjected to a deliberate campaign to these ends that they are meekly accepting drastic curtailment of their freedoms, and clamouring to be vaxxed in order to ‘protect themselves’ against a variant of the SARS flu. And in the process turning hostile towards those who are unvaccinated.



'Totalitarian' fits closely with other descriptive terms such as fascist, technocratic, authoritarian, dictatorship, communist … the finer points of difference are unimportant here. We have had many lessons from a human history of power abuse. Think Hitler, Mussolini, Chairman Mao. Think slavery in many forms. Think total control by a small, arrogant ruling elite; insidious and deceitful propaganda; deceit; divide, separate, isolate and rule tactics. Fear, falsehoods and coercion. Demonisation of non-adherents, and censorship and punishment of dissidents. What amounts to psychological and even biological warfare supported these days by information and censorship algorithms, behavioural economic techniques, wave after wave of conditioning campaigns. The removal of individual rights, the manufacturing of mass psychosis and wildfire-like spreading of pathological fear and attendant beliefs. And a populace defeated by fragmentation of conscience, individual and collective trauma. Think about the lives we are now being forced to live.

MUST WATCH informative videos are: 

  •  Academy of Ideas (2021) The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis - Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?  Apr 24, 2021 

An informative, reasoned explanation of totalitarian strategies and tactics.  And:

  • Hudson, Nick (2021) The Ugly Truth About the Covid-19 Lockdowns (Inaugural BizNews Investment Conference) 

PANDA aims to “promote open science, human agency and courageous societies, empowering the public with accurate information thereby enabling individuals to exercise freedom of choice and preserve human liberties and free societies”.

(This is not a case for capitalism, especially the rampant, destructive kind driven by a thirst for the egoic externals of power, wealth, status, being superior and winning, controlling and manipulating others, striving for hedonistic pleasure and perfection, exploiting to have and not share. And it seems to me that this is the great reset that governments, politicians and the wealthy ‘elite’ are feverishly chasing. That’s such a pathetic example for humanity. 

The virtues of caring for, serving and being the best that we can be for others who share the interconnected web of life with us (our family), looking after the planet, the environment, nature (our home), subsisting through purposeful, honest endeavour, earning, bartering and giving wherever possible (our means) - and all the while relishing the beauty of our imperfection and appreciating the implicate, never-fully-understood reality that interacts with and holds up the explicate reality that we see and know - surely deserve far greater emphasis in how we should all live our lives… And are aligned with the PANDA aims)



In South Africa, Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma who heads the National Coronavirus Disaster Management Council appears at times to have a focus on political matters quite far removed from managing the response to the pandemic. A leading advocate and commentator points out that she “… sees the pandemic as a pretext for pursuing pet projects of hers that are both unconstitutional and questionable …” and she said at a press conference on 25th April, 2020 that the pandemic “… also offers us an opportunity to accelerate the implementation of some long agreed upon structural changes … These opportunities call for more sacrifice and – if needs be – what Amilcar Cabral called “class suicide” ….’.  (Marxist Cabral led the revolutionary guerrilla war for independence against Portuguese Guinea, West Africa. His solution requires, inter alia, doing away with capitalism and adopting the non-colonial values of the masses.  (Hoffman, P. 2020)

She is the ex-wife of ex-president Zuma (the man responsible for huge scale state capture, state creep, corruption … whose supporters were recently responsible for hugely damaging acts of anarchy and looting)

Dlamini-Zuma endorsed Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as Director-General of the World Health Organisation. 

A member of her committee was Salim Karim, who was at the same time Head of the Scientific and Advisory Board of the Gates Foundation!  He still is. And was recently appointed to a key post in the WHO! 

There are other interesting connections and cooperations in this circle or den of friends.



Sheep are generally seen to be innocent, defenceless. Followers.

The Batswana (said to be the most competent sheep farmers in southern Africa) word for sheep is nku and it means “the dumb or voiceless animal”. Even when slaughtered “the sheep dies quietly”. The sheep metaphor is used in the Bible: “He was led like a sheep to the slaughter, and as a lamb before the shearer is silent, so he did not open his mouth. In his humiliation he was deprived of justice”.

(Interestingly, Dolly the famous sheep, the first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell towards the close of the 20th century - was the first known example of man manipulating the code of life).

We must not be shepherded like sheep to the slaughter in a 21st century agenda of sinister human devising.  

Instead, we have reason to respect and rely on our wonderful natural immunity and better natures, a need to stay alert, a duty to discern. and read the signs, a powerful motivation to think for ourselves and to ally with likeminded souls so that we can see each other through  And joyfully practice the peaceful sharing of hope and compassion in a society where we want to belong. 



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Weller, Keith (2007) These particular sheep belong to a research flock at the US Sheep Experiment Station near Dubois, Idaho, USA  In the public domain.