Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why use story in business?

This article is adapted from a chapter “Why Stories” in our storytelling ebook , The Halo and the Noose (available for download at, The Power of Story Telling and Story Listening in Business Life.

Africa breathes stories... In Africa things are stories, they store stories, and they yield stories at the right moment of dreaming, when we are open to the secret side of objects and moods. (Ben Okri )

Why is story so vital in business life?

A professor and an old peasant woman are discussing how it is that the world is held up in space and does not fall down.

“Well you see,” says the old woman. “The world rests on a giant plate.”

“Interesting. And what does the plate rest on?”

“On the back of a giant tortoise.”

“And what does that tortoise rest on?”

“On the back of another tortoise…”

“And what does…”

“Don’t bother your head, professor. It’s tortoises all the way down.”

And stories all the way down. Story is the foundation. Everything rests on story - one way or another. Ultimately, it is story that makes the business world go round. Increasingly companies are finding that story is the way to go.

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