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10 Most Wanted for 2020 and the Eagle Hoop Prophecy

In an increasingly complex, tech-driven, diversifying, polarised, rapidly changing and challenging world of business, there will be a growing need for organisations to master:

  • HUMAN CONNECTION in the form of small group conversations about big subjects* and leveraging a peer coaching practice*

  • RIGHT TO LEFT PREPARATION where the required deadline and quality determine actions and processes rather than conventional left-to-right planning.  Organisations use foresight, agility and project competence to pre-empt and handle new ethical situations, business processes (recruiting, innovation, customer demand shifts …) while simultaneously maintaining their levels of employee well-being to avoid burnout, and maximize learning gains and a sense of purpose and meaning      

  • LEVERAGING OUR STORY BRAINS (which incorporates imagery, symbol, metaphor and archetype) to operate at the cutting edges of sense-making, communication, scenario formation, spring-boarding change, forging connection and deftly steering their journey at the intersection of data, strategy and story. A recent article urging economists and others who work with data to become storytellers:    
           For story resources see        

  • SIMPLICITY, where wise leadership role models the stewardship of clothing, food, water usage and transport and leisure activities – for a more a sustainable lifestyle   

  • INTERFACE TRIGGERS. Business activities that impact on communities (environmentally, socially, economically), especially products, services and projects related to sustainability and good corporate citizenship, are modernised so that strategies, decisions, actions are not only informed by, but led by the affected communities

  • CLICKS NOT BRICKS as we witness more and more use of on-line services such as expanded home deliveries in many markets, an upsurge in “gig-market” activity and freelancing of skills at all levels, adoption of the informative, quick survey to poll opinion and ascertain knowledge that informs action (both externally and internally)

  • CULTURE SCANNING. Leading organisations get to grips with a still-emerging competence, the ‘how?’ of shifting culture and sub cultures constructively within organisations. This enables them to access and optimise the key drivers of engagement and high performance

  • COMMUNICATING. The advance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) ushers in a growing need for a high tech/ high touch balance, which in turn calls for greater competence at building soft skills, fast and comprehensive spread of information, and high levels of conflict-management and communication expertise – internally and externally (which includes highly tuned listening and “nonviolent” communication)   

  • LEARNING. Accelerated learning of new, and polishing and adapting  of existing mental models and skills, are mastered by thriving organisations during the 4IR era  

Culturescan processes are designed to facilitate mastery of these fast-emerging business imperatives

(* In a 2018 survey of 1,000 full time employees, Imperative found that people reported
being more than twice as likely to learn from their peers as from their managers) 

Mastery in the areas of organizational life outlined above will also contribute to improvement in wider society, which is so characterized by dictatorial, self-invested leaders in too many countries, by polarization on many levels and a decline in civility and respect. My hope is that the current surge in  awareness of what needs fixing and what might be, becomes accompanied by mutually beneficial exchanges and connections at all levels. Exchanges of resources, wisdom, support and appreciation that lead us from separation to oneness. And where "trickle down" turns into a two-way cascade!  

Human connection, simplicity, interface triggers, building belonging, communicating, learning – are all well met by Anita Sanchez’s powerful approach of four sacred gifts, guided by the Eagle Hoop Prophecy.

Within the indigenous Native American Full Circle framework, she teaches the interconnected gifts of forgiving, healing, unity and hope as the pathway to belonging, trust, respect, and wise, nurturing leadership in all of organisational life – so needed in these divided, fast-paced, challenging times.

actual Eagle Hoop 

For me, this fits with the rainbow metaphor and symbolism: the heralding of a new beginning as happens with forgiveness, the one-ness of the colour spectrum, and the healing and hope that follows periods of darkness.

It also applies to both the collective and the individual, in an Ubuntu way. We all have a basic need to belong and be connected – with self, family, community, nature, the web of life, the cosmos … the part is in the whole and the whole in the part …. At the self-level we need complete self-forgiveness, as we move towards healing and wholeness, reach unity within (integration) and look forward with hope.


It covers all who wish to hold hands
And its size depends on each other
It is a vision of solidarity

It turns outwards to interact with the outside
And inward for self-critique
A circle expands forever 
It is a vision of accountability

It grows as the other is moved to grow
A circle must have a centre
But a single dot does not make a Circle
One tree does not make a forest

A circle, a vision of cooperation, mutuality and care (Oduyoye, M. 2001)

Anita: "The 27 indigenous Elders from different traditions and I are honored to have these messages reach 
your readers".
"There is a free song titled "In Right Relations" that your readers can download for free 
The song is created by The Koren Brothers and me holding many of the messages in my book.   
Best  Anita"

An imperative in these times to build bridges not walls, and Anita Sanchez certainly does that!  She is authentic, humble, erudite, wise and gives freely of her wisdom and passion. 

Oduyoye, Mercy Amba (2001) The Story of a Circle (Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians 

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