Saturday, July 13, 2019

Required Fourth Industrial Revolution Skills

The advent and acceleration of the “fourth industrial revolution” and the pace and magnitude of expected technological and other changes has prompted regular reports on what we require as future skills (including from the World Economic Forum (WEF). 
We are delighted to let all our clients know that all of the WEF listed skills are covered by our Culturescan topics/ surveys:

For an on outline of the Culturescan topics that appear in this table, see:

(Survey Topics that ‘umbrella’ the topics listed in this table are Values to Virtues, Strategy Formation and Execution, Living the Organisation’s Purpose, Enter Spirituality and Enlightened Corporate Governance)
The detailed surveys by topic enable you to pinpoint the presence, scope, depth and manifestation in your organisation, of what makes up each of the required 4th Industrial Revolution skills - so that you can then take appropriate, focused action in order to equip and correct as necessary in your organisation.

A complimentary, broad overall do-it-yourself Culturescan survey allows you to establish for yourself any areas that may be of concern, and need a detailed examination and analyses.


  1. I love reading the posts Graham even though I find them going over my head, but then again, I am not your ideal audience.

    1. Hi Ernie. You are the ideal audience! I need this reminder that simple and clear is far better than complicated and obtuse!! I hope you are in astonishingly good health and happy!!!